you ask

why you?

I say

I coach on-site and remote for long-lasting and faster impact.

because you decide where you feel ready to face your transformation - and I will be there. remote/online-coaching is one of the most effective methods for:


releasing hidden potential


strengthening motivation (private and professional)


improving the quality of work and life

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nothing new, yet true: the key to your problems lies in yourself.

my name is Chinelo Egbuna-Redmann. I am a people & executive coach for work & life effectiveness and owner of CoSkills- I coach humans not functions and believe strong humans, make better leaders, better dads, better mons, better and more efficient beings overall.

Chinelo Egbuna Redmann - Softskills Coach
Portraits by Gulliver Theis
Soft skills - emotional
intelligence- are undervalued.
you say

I have problems.

I ask

what exactly is bothering you?


being overwhelmed by exceedingly high demand in corporate as well as in/or private life?


wanting to change, craving a change, maybe having to change but don’t know how?


having sabotaging mindsets and lack of self control?

you might say

and that’s not all. I’m….


a single provider (m&f&d)


a working mom, corporate leader, homemaker (m&f&d)


a hard worker with long job hours, little spare time (m&f&d)


a person into impressing superior and family as possible cause of craving approval


struggling with difference such as color, gender or nationality

I might ask

do you want to keep your problems or overcome them?

Not that you won’t worry, yet you worry less and it overall affects you less.

what you get:


the ability to use positive emotional intelligence and letting go of sabotaging patterns


an integrated balanced mode which leads to a higher outcome in work-life effectiveness


anticipate uncertainty with the certainty of being able to cope (yes, you can)


selfdoubt and judgmental behavior


fear of not being valued or acknowledged


procrastination in private or work matters


mind chatter


in giving you a safe environment for you to share your thoughts & feelings, activating and enhancing your natural skills in self fulfillment for personal life and/or organizations


through customized local and inner european on-site or online-coaching

the process =
your success


as a co-active coach® I mainly use the method of co-active coaching which is an experience of personal and professional development quite different to other kinds of coaching.

other techniques I use are among others active imagination, positive intelligence strengthening and face coding.

choose between focus packages or hourly rates and coaching content on request.

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(in)corporate diversity - workshop (2days)

learn to not only see your stakeholders, but also to benefit from their diversity for the good of your company.

working women
- it´s a men´s world

learn to be feminine, respected and accepted in a male dominated corporate field.

pandemic talk: growth
via transition and curiosity

learn to face changes expectantly, openly and positively. learn to make uncertainty your capital.

feels like cutting ice? eliminate work & life obstacles

learn to be stable when the going get’s tough. be the tough that get’s going. reprogramming old beliefs through insight.

dissolve learned bias (hiring manager, HR) - workshop (2 days)

learn to skillfully use positive emotional intelligence for hiring purposes, dissolving partiality and candidate profiling.

be in tune
- business mom

yes, you can be perfectly both! learn to master the parquet floor by skilflully performing the balancing act between work and parenting.


personal effectiveness sessions

hourly rate from 125 euros (on site/remote coaching int.)

10 hours 1200 euros -customized packages/prices on request/value added tax (vat) excluded.

corporate effectiveness and soft skills development sessions/workshops

from 200 euros  (on site/remote coaching int.).

10 hours 1800 euros -customized packages/prices on request/value added tax (vat) excluded.

shall we begin?

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Chinelo Egbuna-Redmann - CoSkills Coach

Chinelo Egbuna-Redmann

owner & coach at CoSkills