Honestly, do you believe yourself or others?

published on
June 7, 2021


I believe in asking powerful questions in order to produce change. From today on, this is a CoSkills free service, the quickest coaching act ever. This is not a blog. This is a qlog (question + weblog= qlog)! The perceptual loop contains only one deep- dive question, calling for your answer, calling for your own opinion, your own thoughts, your own inner shift. This is how I work, how we work, how humans work. We try to answer a question and growth unfolds. Feel free to experiment - solo, in a team, at home, with friends, at work, with colleagues, as a leader, an employee, a mother , working women, working mom, whatever gender, nationality, color of skin, religion. Ask and find yourself. Evolve in your area of choice.

Not sure what your answers might mean for you or your team? I am here to reassure you, work out solutions with you and support an at times much needed shift. Free fell to email to cer@coskills.org or arrange a booking via our booking-button
Coach Chinelo Egbuna-Redmann
by chinelo egbuna-redmann

you want to be more efficient in certain areas of your life? you’re not alone. I am here to coach you through uncertainty, stress, workload, change or to cut it short: to achieve what you desire inprivate as in corporate.

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