Are you only the color of your skin?

published on
March 2, 2021


I believe in asking powerful questions in order to produce change. From today on, this is a CoSkills free service, the quickest coaching act ever. This is not a blog. This is a qlog (question + weblog= qlog)!

The perceptual loop contains only one deep-dive question, calling for your answer, calling for your own opinion, your own thoughts, your own inner shift. This is how I work, how we work, how humans work. We try to answer a question and growth unfolds. Feel free to experiment - solo, in a team, at home, with friends, at work, with colleagues, as a leader, an employee, a mother , working women, working mom, whatever gender, nationality, color of skin, religion.

Ask and find yourself. Evolve in your area of choice.

Coach Chinelo Egbuna-Redmann
by chinelo egbuna-redmann

you want to be more efficient in certain areas of your life? you’re not alone. I am here to coach you through uncertainty, stress, workload, change or to cut it short: to achieve what you desire inprivate as in corporate.

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